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    go! All Back 2 Basics mix by Dave M

    back2basicsAnother mix from Dave M AKA Bwian AKA Brian Badonde AKA The Richest Man In Jungle!

    This time Dave turns his attention to another one of jungle’s heavy hitting labels in the form of midlands based Back 2 Basics.

    The Back 2 Basics label was born in 1993 and was run by producer Jason Ball. As well as a solo artist, Jason was also a part of several well known production outfits like Dred Bass, JB & Ascend and Northern Connexion.

    Throughout the labels peak years of 1994 and 1995 they released some hugely successful tracks such as DJ TaktixThe Way (and the VIP as used in Father Ted), Horns For 94 and Chimeira’s “Deeper Life“. However, probably the best known release from the Back 2 Basics camp wasn’t actually released on their label, with the landmark Dred Bass by Dead Dred ending up on Moving Shadow.

    The label continued to release prolifically well into the late 90s before finally calling it a day around 2008.

    On to the mix, Dave goes through almost of the label’s back catalogue from the 1993 beginnings until the jump up jungle outings in late 1995. Be sure to watch out for one of my all time favourites; “Sunrize” by the mysterious DJ Biggs.

    Outa Intelligence – Foolz Gold
    Outa Intelligence – Son of a B*tch, A*ss hole
    The Pilgrim & Ned Ryder – Face Of The Deep
    DJ Taktix – The Way (VIP)
    The J.B – Stand Easy
    The J.B – Horns For 94
    Asend & Ultravibe – What Kind Of World
    Ned Ryder – Lift Off
    Northern Connexion – Think
    Chimera – Deeper Life
    The J.B & Asend – The Dreamer
    Ultravibe – Will They Ever
    Asend & Ultravibe – Real Love
    Northern Connexion – Re-Think
    DJ Shock C & DJ Ellis The Menace – Crazy Feelings
    The J.B – Back To Life (The Dedication Linarz Cru Remix)
    T.I.C – Rockers
    Ultravibe – The Guardian Angel
    T.I.C – Too Fast
    Northern Connexion – The Bounce
    DJ Taktix – Untitled *2
    Asend & Ultravibe – Real Love (DJ SS Rollers Remix
    DJ Biggs – Sunrize
    Bad Behaviour – Damascus Danse
    Dred Bass Feat. The J.B – World Of Music
    DJ Biggs – The Hunter
    Northern Connexion – The Bounce (Pugwash & Asend Remix)
    Apollo 13 – Space Dust
    Chimera – Deepr Life (Northern Connexion Remix)
    Apollo 13 – Wobble
    Bad Behaviour – Bust It Like This
    Dred Bass Feat. The J.B – Smokin Cans (SMR Remix
    The Collective – Ease Yourself
    Apollo 13 – Do It Again
    Dred Bass Feat. The J.B – World of Music (Remix 2)
    Asend & Ultravibe – Inner Soul
    Bad Behaviour – Come Closer (Co-Cane Remix)
    The J.B – Go Back, Way Back
    DJ Taktix – The VIP (Final Chapter)
    Decoder – Power Steppers
    Swoosh – Ya Rockin/Back To Life VIP

    Check out Dave’s “All Splash / Juice Mix” here.

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